B-4 Dawn Band (Featuring Terrie Londee)
Bring your event to life
GIL "CONRAD" JOHNSON an extraordinaire talented Bass Guitarist, Lead and background vocals.   funk Bass-Man, also to his credits, Musical Director, Guitar, Drummer, Digital Programmer for his 48  track studio, has written and produced his first CD  entitled “When I’m Happy”  with a variety of music such as Jazz, R&B, Latin Jazz, Funk, Love Ballets on sale now his Web site, www.reverbnation.com/gilconradjohnson, iTunes & Amazon. At a very young age played  with a group of his peers called “Down In The Basement Band” a funk groove band,  later in his teens he traveled  and toured the Mid - East such places as  Japan, Korea, Philippines,  and Taiwan. After returning to America, performed concerts with the great “  Albert Blues Boy King” and many more.  His main influence is funk, but  is very versatile in all areas of music and can play it all. Has written and produced a Cd, for the band , entitled "TAKE IT PERSONAL"  two of the songs written by Terrie Londee," GOTTA MAKE A CHANGE & YOU CAN'T PLAY ME" ON SALE NOW !
TERRIE LONDEE  (Bandleader/Percussionist, Lead Female Vocalist), T.L is just   “DYNAMITE “  with a big “D”   Many would say ..a " TRIPLE THREAT" she originated the group in the  Mid West and move to California to resume her career singing and performing concerts. Her performances are beyond energized, if you want to have a good time and forget all your cares and be  happy, come to one of our shows. You will go home a happy and purely satisfied person. T.L. includes, comedy, acting, dancing and audience participation during her performances… What a Lady ! You can not sit through one of her shows without being moved, by her charismatic and electrifying performance. An  extraordinary vocalist,  from Funk, R&B, C&W, Jazz, Pop, Light Rock, Blues,  to Standards  count on her to do it all. Her influences include, Billy Holiday, Chaka Kahn, Aretha Franklin,Dolly Pardon, Natalie Cole, Nancy Wilson, Reba McIntyre,Tina Turner, Patti Labelle,  Gladys Knight, to name a few. 

MARK COULTER..Lead Guitarist..One of these Guitarist, that you will love to have performing on stage with you.He's able to play any groove you throw at him, with conviction ! started playing drums first in Church, 1970, Guitar in 1973, and Bass Guitar 2010.  Recorded and performed with some of the greatest world known Artist,  such as The Lat Great,  Marvin Gay,  Three Tuns Of Fun, Rick N' Vick and La Toya Jackson. 
In addition, accomplished, Engineer, Composer, Song Writer, Director ad Producer. Plays all his instruments with  great compassion , also sings very strong..Lead and Background vocals.
what a blessing he's apart of our group.

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Meet The Time Keeper..Frank Lemons, II..this is an extraordinaire time keeper,  always there where he is suppose to be..Performed with many well known Bay Area Bands, such as "Grand Theft" , starting playing drums at an early age.. Frank is is extraordinaire,  because of his dedication as a  professional musician,   his attitude is immeasurable..always on time for all the gigs, and prepared with the all the material in the shows. 

​Frank is one of those musicians , you die to perform with,  he's dependable and always with a bigggg...smile..he's what you would call a "happy musician" enjoying his musical journey without complaints ..So glad he's on board..Thank you God
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